Pinal County Unveils Veterans' Court -

Pinal County Unveils Veterans' Court

Pinal County Unveils Veterans' Court

After much anticipation, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office proudly announces the creation of the Pinal County Veterans’ Court.

After more than a year of meetings between PCAO, Pinal County Court Administration, Pinal County Adult Probation, the Pinal County Public Defender’s Office, and multiple statewide veterans groups, the Veterans’ Court program officially kicks off on Tuesday, November 17th with a ceremony at the Pinal County Superior Courthouse.

Since his election, Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles focused on assisting veterans through development of a PCAO Veterans’ Program which now is rolling into the Veterans’ Court Program. The overall objective of the Veterans’ Court is to give veterans who committed non-serious felonies the ability to make use of veteran-related probation services.

PCAO will decide who is eligible to be referred into the Veterans’ Court Program. “Many of our veterans returned from combat and now suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These veterans served our country well and deserve services responsive to their needs. If a veteran gets charged with a crime we now possess the capabilities and resources to review their case and determine if sending them through the newly-established Veterans' Court seems the proper course for treatment. The collaboration between the Pinal County Attorney’s office, the Pinal County Courts System, Adult Probation, and veteran organizations helped create a beneficial program which aids those men and women who served our country,” said Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles.

County Attorney Voyles extends his thanks and appreciation to the Honorable Stephen McCarville for helping get the Veterans’ Court underway in Pinal County.