UPDATED: All FUSD Schools CLOSED May 3rd

UPDATED: All FUSD Schools CLOSED May 3rd

 UPDATED 3:00 AM May 3: All FUSD Schools will be closed today, May 3, 2018.  Once the Governor has signed the budget all schools will re-open.

The Florence Unified School District has just notified their families and staff that they will be re-opening all of their schools, Thursday, May 3rd.

Dear FUSD Families,

It was announced this morning that the legislature will approve the budget today, which includes significant increases in funding for all of our local schools. With the passage of this budget and a commitment from our teachers to return, all FUSD schools will re-open tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have received:

  • We do not need to extend the student calendar and students will not need to make up days missed. State law requires that we provide either 180 days of instruction or a set number of hours by grade level. We have exceeded these hours and will not require students to return after the school calendar ends.
  • Graduation, 8th Grade Promotion, and Kindergarten Promotion will not be impacted by the school closure.
  • All testing, including AP and IB will continue as scheduled.

We want to thank our community and parents once again for their continued support and understanding during this time. We are excited to resume school and finish the year strong.


Chris Knutsen