Something new is coming to San Tan Valley and this time it isn't houses

Something new is coming to San Tan Valley and this time it isn't houses
Something new is coming to San Tan Valley and this time it isn't houses

A public meeting was held last week at Poston Butte High School to discuss a new project that wants to build in San Tan Valley.

ENERGYTHREE is a planned state-of-the-art solar electric generation (plus energy storage) facility. The station which would be built off of Roberts Rd and the CAP Canal would be capable of generating enough renewable energy to power nearly 25,000 Arizona homes.

Currently in the local zoning approval phase with Pinal County, this project is a joint venture between Caden Energy and Energix Renewable Energies.

The project would be built on 700 acres of State Trust Land and boasts that its 50 year commercial land lease with the State Land Department will generate revenue for Arizona education, the battery storage capabilities will create the ability to meet utility peak needs during times of high customer demand and will have a positve economic impact by the way of jobs (close to 200 during the construction phase), tax revenue, capital investment and infrastructure.

This project will also be the first "Green Energy" zoning that Pinal County will use, meaning that if the project were to fall through after the land had been rezoned, only another green energy project could be built in that location.

While there wasn't much opposition shared during the public meeting, some questions were asked in regard to construction traffic and possible heat generated by the solar panels. Chris Sobol, Senior Vice President of Development with Caden Energy, explained that the panels don't reflect heat, they absorb heat so the fear of the area around it becoming warmer as a result of the panels is unfounded.  As for traffic, a consultant on site stated that they would look for ways to bring construction trucks in and out of the project, without having to use Skyline Rd.

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The goal for the project is to complete the permit process in 2018, start construction in 2019 and become operational in 2020.

Pictures of displays presented during public meeting